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Innovation opportunity to Invest in high growth companies

Daniel, Russell & Charles Co., LLC put together the Innovation of Equity Fund and linked small companies together, raising nearly $10 million in equity capital for clients in 2016.

DRC's dedicated industry specializes in helping clients understand the issuance landscape and determine the most appropriate capitalization structure to meet their needs. Through hedging and tailoring structured products, experts help clients minimize risk and enhance shareholder value in a variety of market conditions. To lean more about the new fund and timeline, please contact US at or call us (916) 444.9036 .

The difference between demographic shifts within a particular country

Economists have long studied demographics to identify trends, such as, population shifts, and changes in spending or savings rates that help predict substantial upheaval in the international economic order. Some investors leverage economists' findings on demographics as a basis of their investment strategies; sometimes mistakenly assuming that picking a fast-growing national economy is similar to choosing a stock on the rise.

The difference is that while demographic shifts within a particular country – rapid population growth in India or rising education levels in Brazil, for example – can signal that the country's economy is poised for a surge relative to peer nations, using demographic projections to form the basis for investment strategies can be risky. Even when predictions based on demographic trends turn into economic realities, they can frustrate investors. For example, during the last 20 years, indexed stock market returns in Latin America have outpaced those in Asia, even though Asia's national economies grew more rapidly.

Should individual investors incorporate demographic forecasts into their investment strategies? The bottom line is this: Demographic analysis must be combined with an assessment of economic policy and politics in order to help guide investment decisions.

Daniel, Russell & Charles Co.'s comprehensive planning will make a difference

DRC Comprehensive Planning
This sector consists of professional and business assistance in planning and strategizing for the future. Estate planning can provide a means of transition and continuity when passing on the clients assets after the client's death. Estate planning also deals with current issues such as healthcare directives and durable powers of attorney. There are several basic estate documents that the client should consider. As part of DRC Comprehensive Planning, DRC's Financial Advisors and Certified Estate Planners can work with the client and the client's advisors to review the client's estate planning needs.

Revocable Trust
It is important to have a revocable living trust because it allows the assets held in trust to pass directly to beneficiaries without going through probate, which subsequently reduces the time and costs involved, and keeps the transfer of property private. Because the client keeps complete control over the trust and its assets – the property held in the trust is included in the client's gross estate. As a client, your biggest concern will be naming a successor trustee to provide for a smooth transition and continuity in management of assets at the client's passing, making sure that the client's investment philosophy continues after the client's death. Naming a family member who knows the client's financial advisor or using one of DRC's Trust Groups will help ensure the continuity of the trust.

Estate Planning Analysis
Comparison of tax savings by utilizing a credit shelter trust versus a life insurance trust as part of an estate plan.

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