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Estate Planning techniques:

DRC Can Assist You in Developing a Plan
Through DRC's dedicated financial planning specialists, the company is able to help its clients create a personalized financial outline of a comprehensive plan. By utilizing the strengths of DRC's Comprehensive Planning along with that of a Certified Estate Planner, DRC can help the client develop a financial plan that is geared towards the client's specific goals.

Funding Your Retirement
When clients provide DRC with basic, confidential questionnaire information, such as his/her projected retirement age or his/her lifestyle goals and their tolerance for risk, DRC can create an analysis for the client that covers key areas of planning.


The personalized report generated will include the following analyses:


  • Projection of the growth of liquid assets and savings between now and retirement. 
  • Illustration of how well the client projected retirement. (Assets will provide desired retirements income based on expected retirement age.)
  • Retirement income goals and anticipated sources of income at retirement. 
  • Discussion of distribution options including Required Minimum Distribution, IRA rollover, and early distributions.



Comprehensive Fiduciary Solutions: Fiduciary support is given to help you understand your fiduciary responsibilities and navigate today's ever-changing regulatory, landscape customized employee solutions. Fiduciary solutions include personalized communications and behavior-changing tools to help educate, guide and motivate your participants to take full advantage of plan benefits and dedicated support and services, which includes an experienced, knowledgeable support team committed to making it easier for you to manage your plan and easier for employees to praticipate.

Fiduciary Solutions gives a flexible investment platform and support with no proprietary fund requirements, asset allocation options, third party investment advisory services, and managed accounts that respond to the needs and knowledge level of each employee.

Financial therapists with clients

Another issue: selling off a family business before capital-gains taxes rise next year. The top tax rate on long-term gains, currently 15%, is scheduled to increase to 20% unless Congress acts—and because of the new 3.8% tax on net investment income for high earners, the total capital-gains-tax hit could rise to 23.8%. By discussing these estate planning issues with a third party, financial therapists can reduce the stress in the process of planning.

"Others fret that they're being forced to make decisions about their estate before they're ready.", says Arne Boudewyn, a managing director of family dynamics and education at Abbot Downing in San Francisco. Abbot Downing's clients typically have at least $50 million in investible assets or a net worth of at least $100 million. Mr. Boudewyn says he has counseled families that feel they might "lose some control after they sign the dotted line."

Corporations should be aware of the leading indicators on retirement plans

Corporate Retirement Plans are a leading advocates for a healthy and more secure retirement. We focus on solutions that help improve retirement outcomes for your employees.

As a result, more plan sponsors are currently funding Cambridge Retirement Plans, with their defined contribution retirement plans, than any provider in our industry. We are extremely proud of our leadership position because, it validates our dedication to delivering the solutions and services that matter most to you. Our years of experience successfully designing and administering retirement plans have helped Cambridge Retirement Plans advance among the leaders of our industry. As the retirement industry continues to evolve and become more complex, joining forces with a global leader can help provide you with the stability needed to maintain a successful retirement plan. With Cambridge Retirement Plans as your provider, you can expect:

Data-mining tools designed to promote successful outcomes, improvement in plan metrics, and a reduction in your administrative workload.

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