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Investing private equity / venture capital /private placement memorandum Daniel, Russell & Charles Co., is a leading private growth equity investor. We have one of the longest records (17 years) in private capital investing, transitioning through three major long-term investment cycles. We have invested over $150 million across multiple highly diversified funds and partner with created over $400,000 million in fund liquidations. We have over $10 million in active portfolio investments. Daniel, Russell & Charles Co., invests mainly in the United States with a focus on our three sectors of expertise: outsourced services, information technology, green projects bio fuel, biomass, renewable energy and healthcare businesses. We invest for expansion and growth in small and mid-size companies with established business models, high internal growth rates, and large-market leadership potential. With deep portfolio company involvement we help companies achieve highly profitable leadership positions in large markets. Daniel, Russell & Charles Co., is typically the lead (or sole) outside investor and invests up to $25 million. Daniel, Russell & Charles Co., works closely with its portfolio companies in many areas including:

• Strategy

• Recruitment

• Sales and marketing

• Corporate development


A unique approach is key to success as we build and maintain broad, deep, long-term domain expertise through a research and investment focus that encompasses both the private and public companies in our sectors of expertise. Relative to traditional approaches, this approach enables Daniel, Russell & Charles Co., to add unique value as an investor through:


• Superior understanding of our industries, for assistance with strategic planning

• Broader and deeper networks of industry contacts, for assistance with recruitment, marketing, and selling

• Better understanding of the institutional investor community, for subsequent financings

• A longer-term perspective on company development—well beyond the PPM.

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